About One of Tribe

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been shopping or at the markets and I’ve made the “OMG, HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?” Mum shriek in the girls baby section. The thing is though I CAN count, on one hand, the number of times I’ve made that same excited cry when finding something for my little boy.

That’s when I decided I’d make him some boho baby clothes myself. That was the beginning of ONE OF A TRIBE. Finding earthy fabrics, prints inspired by nature and colours that aren’t typical for boys was the heart of this venture. Having a unique outfit created so much conversation when we were out and about. I was shocked with the amount of attention each piece created. That’s when I realised this Tribe needs to be expanded.

All of our pieces are limited releases giving every little free-spirited babe the opportunity to complement their growing personality. Having unisex garments makes it that much easier to start building your little bubba’s wardrobe before they even arrive.

Our Handmade Boho Baby and Kids clothes are made for the curious wanderer as they learn, discover and play. Made here on the Sunshine Coast our pieces are stylish yet comfortable and practical for whatever the day may have in store.