Flower crowns, dreamcatchers, patterns, cottons, natural threads. Adventurer, wanderlust, free spirits. Laughter, love, peace and freedom. 

Isn't this everything we want for our kiddies? To grow up carefree and experiencing the little things in life, in a simplistic slow living way. 

Throwing around terms to pinpoint this lifestyle, Hippie? Gypsy? They are just not fitting enough, but Boho sounds like it's the right term! So of course lets find out more about where this now common household term came from and what it means. Google search dished up history and articles, blogs and books and how the modern world began to know 'boho' 

The more we delved, the more excited we became to share this lifestyle. Articles, blogs and like-minded people (who probably started where we are) taught us Bohemianism - an unconventional lifestyle. We're talking musical, artistic, or literary pursuits, wanderers, adventurers, or just living a nomadic carefree and relaxed lifestyle.

History books taught us about the origin - Bohemian - The literal name for 'boho' refers to those who lived in the area Bohemia, Czechoslovakia but we know it as Czech Republic- who knew that place existed hey, Czech yes but Bohemia? 

Boho Chic - The slang definition that we most commonly know as a fashion style. Made famous in around 2005 by models such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, for their use of accessories, fabrics and distinguishable patterns.

With this in mind we thought it's only fitting to add to the boho-dictionary to coin a term embracing fashion for the littlest kind, babes. 

Babehemian - describes our babies and toddlers who are being raised to lead a once unconventional but now sought after lifestyle, while wearing ridiculously adorable clothing that is not only practical for parents but little adventurers alike! 

Boho or babehemian isn't just about the Insta-envy way of living. It's about values, beliefs, exploring a culture and expression. Wearing clothing that is effortless, simple and promotes an amazing lifestyle. What better piece of clothing to do that than a Romper!

 One of a Tribe Rompers feature classic boho folk prints and florals. Colourful, intricate patterns, free-flowing lines with organic shapes all accompanied by earthy tones. Our Rompers are all 100% cotton - a breathable natural fibre on the skin just like nature intended. They are such easy wear with snaps on the shoulders and along the legs, allowing easy access to nappy changes meaning more time for play.

We wanted to encourage our little tribes to express themselves in play, embrace their grassroots and nurture nature. It's not about pleasing others visually or having your child's outfit meeting societies standard. It's about pleasing yourself and connecting with your babes inner vibe and letting their little personality shine.

Babehemian- Do you share the same love? What does a boho lifestyle mean for you? We'd love to hear how you encourage your little one to connect with their inner boho vibe. We welcome comments to share ideas with other bohemian minded folk & parents. 


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